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Jack-up WaveWalker 1

Lagendijk Equipment completed last October the delivery of 2 newly designed offshore cranes for Van Oord & Fugro Seacore's joint venture jack-up barge WaveWalker 1.


The first LKB 13.0 / 20.0 – 10.0 Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane has a lifting capacity of SWL 10 tons @ 20 meter with man riding on main hoist. The second LWC 900 Offshore Wire Crane with lattice boom, is one of Lagendijk's largest-ever tailor-made projects. It has a lifting capacity of SWL 100 tons at 6 meter, or SWL 78 tons at 6 meter. Both cranes can be operated in a Sea State 5.


LWC900 Offshore Wire Crane

LKB 13.0 / 20.0 – 10.0
Offshore Knuckle Boom Crane


WaveWalker 1 operates in conventional four-legged mode, or as an eight-legged self-contained walking jack-up platform, with bi-directional movement when elevated. It was developed jointly by Van Oord and Fugro Seacore to operate in rough seas, surf zones, beaches, and other intertidal settings.


The WaveWalker1 will allow Van Oord to undertake geotechnical site investigations, drilling and other underwater activity from a stable platform with the added benefit of relocation without floating. This will reduce the impact of sea conditions on the operational hours required for the Brazilian project at Suap and other harsh coastal zones.



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