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Coops & Nieborg has acquired Lagendijk Equipment


Lagendijk Equipment, acquired by Coops & Nieborg is specialised in building service cranes, cargo cranes and special crane projects at the top end of the market. Products are specially designed for customers in the international offshore, dredging and shipping industry.


Founded over 110 years ago and drawing on its years of experience, the company has concentrated on manufacturing customised machinery and equipment. Complex structures and (hydraulic) installations can be developed and built in house, in our independent engineering department and machinery factory.


We have our own 24 hour service department and we are pleased to provide customised solutions.







From a respective UK repeat client, Lagendijk received recently a crane order for the manufacturing of a customized Lagendijk Electric/ Hydraulic Offshore Subsea Crane, type LKB 1200 – 3000 AHC.

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Lagendijk Equipment proudly announces to have received the order for the construction of 8 pieces Lagendijk Telescopic Boom Cranes, type LHC 11.0/20.0 – 14.

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Received crane order for the delivery of an Electric/ Hydraulic Fixed Boom Crane, type LHC 25.0 -10 to Damen Shipyards for end user Mearsk.

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