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Coops & Nieborg heeft Lagendijk Equipment overgenomen

Crane construction

Each crane is designed to suit the customer’s specific requirements.
With over 45 years of experience, Lagendijk delivers high quality cranes that can cope with extreme (weather) conditions and that meet class requirements including DNV, FEM, Lloyd’s and Veritas. Our production options also include delivering customized projects such as offshore cranes, oil spill containment cranes, pipe transfer cranes, mobile cranes for the dredging industry and bunker masts.


The use of “heave compensation” systems for offshore cranes can be supplied as “passive heave compensation (PHC)”, “active heave compensation (AHC)” and “constant tension (CT)”. (read more under offshore cranes).


We can also install cranes on ships using our own pontoon. This pontoon lies in an excellent location in a quiet canal arm opposite the Wemeldinge quay. We can also carry out installations at other locations to suit our clients or at the shipyard.
Our own 24-hour service department guarantees worldwide spare part support and delivery.


After crane installation, our products are extensively tested at a test load of 125%. These tests are carried out exclusively by independent certified inspection bodies. After a successful inspection, the crane log is handed over to the owner. This crane log guarantees product safety and construction to class requirements.


Our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of our own structures means that we have been able to position ourselves at the top end of the market.


Our motto is: “only the best will do”.

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