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Coops & Nieborg heeft Lagendijk Equipment overgenomen

Special Projects

Products - Cranes - BG series
Bunkering booms for tankers or fixed quays.
In the world of ship bunkering, speed is of the essence. We have therefore developed a fantastic product that has been designed for heavy usage Safe-walk steps are available as an option, where the treads remain horizontal at any pitch of the mast, so that the user can walk quickly but safely along the boom. The top platform can, if required, be hinged with the movement of the boom. At the customer’s request, an overall height of 138 cm above the main deck can also be achieved. To achieve this, a well must be made in the deck to house the base of the bunkering boom. This offers the additional advantage that the platform then lies at the same height as the deck. Additionally, it rotates simultaneously and all hydraulic connections are integrated in the platform. From this platform the bunkering boom can be perfectly hydraulically controlled.

Efficiency and ease of use were the two priorities when we designed this series. The number of lead-throughs, one 10” with 5” or two 10” lines, dimensions and options can be discussed. Types available:
• BG-25,000
• BG-28,000
• BG-30,000


Products - special cranes
• Cranes for oil spill containment
• Fully electrically (ATEX) controlled explosion-proof cranes
• Pipe transfer cranes, equipped with compensation and acceleration systems
• Various other products on request

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